Brilliant products

We’ve worked on award-winning products with incredibly talented teams. Their dedication is the hidden force behind many products we know and love.

Brilliant clients

Our clients have been featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneur, People, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Money Week, and The Sunday Times.

A broad reach

Our research, advice, and representation supports firms on every continent and in 30+ countries including the US, UK and France. 

Each year, our work affects over $200 million in safe, healthy products around the world.

We help the world's top brands succeed in international trade.
​Standards and Compliance

We help manufacturers and brands confidently meet the requirements of their auditors, regulators, and ultimately their customers.

Regulatory Filings

We work with the FDA, Health Canada, and other regulators to complete and submit your regulatory filings.


We perform quality verifications of audit and test reports.

We support audit compliance through response assistance.

We perform Internal audits of manufacturers to ensure compliant quality.

Industry Conformance

We develop the required supporting documents for compliance including regulated documentation (such as SDS), compliant test reports, and management systems (such as ISO).

Best Practices

Our projects include HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Proprietary Compliance Programs

These include Costco, Kroger, Walmart, Aldi, Ahold Delhaize Group, Publix, Whole Foods and Amazon.

EDI and Electronic Data Requirements

We assist with EDI, mandatory electronic filings, compliance portals and documentation.

We work retailers and platforms including Azzule, Meijer Vendor Net, Kroger, iTrade.

Confident Compliance

We help manufacturers and brands access markets by meeting the requirements of their regulators, auditors, and customers.

We would love to contribute to your success.